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Watch Fob Definitions

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  1. Authentic: Fob was made for a company, using the original dies, to advertise a product and the dealers name and address are usually on the fob. Normally had fob manufacturers name on it. Frequently referred to as original.

  2. Fantasy: Fob made primarily to distribute to collectors with no dealers information on it. Commonly there was no fob manufacturers name on the fob. Sometimes referred to as fake, bogus or unauthorized.

  3. Reproduction: Any fob made by a manufacturer from the original dies. Example, all coins are reproductions as only the first coin made with a set of dies is the original. Same principal applies to any item made from dies, IE; fobs, tokens, etc.

  4. Antique: Over seventy-five years old.

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    Vintage: thirty-five to seventy-five years old.

  6. Contemporary: Under thirty-five years old.

  7. Counterfeit: The dies for this fob were copied from an authentic fob, consequently they are not reproductions. Frequently the fob manufacturers name was made to look worn and unreadable. As Webster would say “They were made to deceive and look like an authentic piece.” A very high percentage of “Sterling” fobs are counterfeits. These are sometimes referred to as “knock offs,” “non-authorized” or “reproductions.” There have been several manufacturers of counterfeit fobs but Langenbacker was by far the most prolific maker and he was known for “smudging” the fob manufacturer’s name. Here is a sample of their catalog, which had 172 fobs in it: The entire catalog is available to members. Click here to join.

  8. Fob made from original dies with no dealer information on them. The most prolific maker of re-strikes was the Metal Arts Company from Rochester, NY. Metal Arts actually purchased dies from other fob companies who were going out of business and made these fobs with the Metal Arts name on the back. See page 1 of 7 below of the Metal Arts re-strike sale offering: The entire offering is available to members. Click here to join.

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