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Member Benefits

Member Benefits for Attending Annual Show

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At the Annual Watch Fob Show and Sale you may be eligible for any or all of the following as part of your IWFAI member benefits:

  1. Attend show and General Membership Meeting for the first time. Award $30.00.

  2. Sell the most raffle tickets. 2015 Award: Boy's Livestock Judging Contest

  3. 2015 Big Fob Raffle:
      • 1st Place  - Heider (HAR-1) or $100
      • 2nd Place - Illinois Poultry $ Egg Fob or $75.00
      • 3rd Place - DeLaval Cream Separator Fob or $50.00
      • 4th Place - Hershel Fob or $35.00

      • Big Raffle 1st Place
        Big Raffle 2nd Place
        Big Raffle 3rd Place
        Big Raffle 4th Place
        Most tickets sold
        Heider (HAR-1)
        Illinois Poultry $ Egg Fob
        DeLaval Cream Separator Fob
        Hershel Fob
        Boy's Livestock Judging Contest
        Fob of the month #12

When you generate 5 up to 9 new club members during calendar year you will receive free dues for the next year.  If you generate 10 or more members you receive $35.00.  Your membership number or name must be on the new members application in order for you to get credit.

Raffle for members who have traveled over 650 miles.   $30.00.

Register at the show desk and get in the drawing for the Fob of the month #12.

Best of show Watch Fob Display. Awarded trophy & name on Best of Show board.

Classic Watch Fob Display. Awarded trophy.

Purchase limited edition commemorative watch available only at the show.  Different fob each year.

Meet other collectors and share information on collecting.

Do you have questions about watch fobs?  There will be at least ten collectors set up with tables at the show, each of them has over 30 years of experience collecting watch fobs.  Bring your questions and ask the collectors who have tables at the show.


How You Can Help the Club

There are many ways that our members can help our club. A few ways are:

Raffle Tickets: Sell raffle tickets to as many people as you can.

Membership Flyers: Any time you attend an auction, antique show, trade show or any other event place some IWFAI membership forms at the information table. See membership show benefits to see what you willl earn for bringing in new members.

Website info: Send the link to our website to any collector you know and especially to all ebay dealers you deal with or any antique dealers you might know.

Recruit new members. See members benefit page for recruitment awards.

Attend the Annual Show.



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