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Become an IWFAI Member Today

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Adult membership is $20.00

Junior (under 18) mebership is $10.00

Dues are effective January 1 to December 31.

Membership fee is due January 1 of each year.

Click on the following underlined link and become a member of the IWFAI Join IWFAI today

IWFAI Membership Includes:

  • Two (2) Newsletters Published on website.

  • One (1) Membership Fob with your name and Membership # on back.

  • One (1) Show Fob when you attend the annual show.

  • Full access to all areas of the website , provided your dues are paid by January first each year, you will also receive an email dues reminder in early December if you keep us up to date with your current email address.

  • Right to purchase annual commemorative fob sold exclusively at annual show.

  • Access to current and back issues of newsletters.

  • Complete access to all Metal Arts “re-strike” photos.

  • List of mail order and on line auctions in which you might find fobs.

  • Listing of appraisers and people who will buy collections.

  • Links to other collectors clubs.

  • Ability to sell items in the IWFAI Store.

  • Ability to preview items which will be auctioned off at annual show.

The Club operates on a calendar year and publishes two new sletters (Spring and Fall) which includes show dates, articles on Fobs put out by various manufacturers plus dates of Fob Shows in the U.S. and Canada.

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